Specific niche market blogging (CanE, UK: or All of us: ) is the action of fabricating a blog with the purpose of deploying it to advertise to a specific niche market. Niche market websites (also commonly known as “specific niche market websites”) may charm to “geographic areas, a niche industry, cultural or age ranges, or any other particular group.” Although it could be argued that each blog is, in a few form, a distinct segment blog, the word as it pertains to marketing identifies a specific kind of blog.
Neither blogging nor topic marketing is a fresh strategy. However, only lately has the idea of a distinct segment blog enter into being.
Usually, niche sites will contain affiliate marketing links or advertising of some kind (pay-per-click or products or both). In some instances, the goal of the area of interest blog is to incite the audience into browsing another website which might then try to sell the audience something or service.
Area of interest blogging and splogging tend to be hard to tell apart. However, specific niche market blogging’s reliance on pay-per-click advertising and other earnings channels usually requires such sites to possess valuable content related with their chosen niche market, unlike a splog.

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